Outreach-Inreach DSS Interactive’s initiative to develop a WordPress-based package of functionality and design features that are specifically targeted to growing churches.  The idea behind this initiative is to build a model installation, pre-loaded with the types of content sections and feature sets that will help churches extend their outreach efforts into their area communities.

Secondly, it provides powerful features that allow for more active engagement, interaction, and communication among their existing membership and leadership groups. This creates a website management framework that easily allows churches to build a web presence that becomes a central hub of engagement, and a powerful tool to support their growth, and likewise their central missions.

The driving force behind this initiative was a desire among churches for a professional-grade, advanced web platform, available at a much more limited budget than those of typical commercial operations. We are partnering with this initiative to build out this platform at present, and we will be making it more widely available as development goals are completed.

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September 6, 2020