Aerospace & Defense Business Institute- University of Tennessee


The Aerospace & Defense Business Institute is an organizational component of the University of Tennessee- Haslam College of Business in Knoxville Tennessee. This group has a long history of training Department of Defense personnel and commercial defense industry personnel in a variety of business skills and processes essential to the success of their mission. They also offer a very successful, one-of-a-kind MBA program in Aerospace & Defense management.

In addition, they have had a a long track record of conducting a variety of research projects under contract with The Department of Defense, targeted toward improvements in the acquisition process for assets and services. This website showcases summaries of their various research projects and academic programs.

This site development called for customized data collection forms and workflows in which interested viewers could request permission to see additional documentation on specific projects and coursework, after proper vetting of the requester.


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August 20, 2014