Example “Decision Process Simulator”

This example site was developed as a training tool for the U.S. Air Force. (Note: no classified data is shown) It’s a tool to simulate aircraft acquisition management programs. This was an example of a very robust, multistage decision process, with many complex decision points that were interdependent. It involved decision elements such as :   cost per aircraft, overall cost of the program, aircraft performance issues, production schedules, contract types, and myriad others. All of these simulation components were managed in the backend in a secured environment.  The simulation process could involve any number of participants, located anywhere web access was available. Different participants had unique “roles” in the simulated management process, enabling them to have access to only role-specific decision points in the simulation.

While most of the content on this actual site is restricted, the following illustrates how one small portion of the simulation process works, using some hypothetical (fictional) data. The inputs for decisions at each level of the simulation involved a simple spreadsheet paradigm. The participant in the simulation enters proposed decision parameters. Below are a few images of some pages in the site (not interactive content).


Below is an image of an input screen for production schedule. Note the use of the universally familiar spreadsheet layout…



Following that is an image of one of the graphical dashboard pages…