Advanced  Desktop Excel Models


Not all organizations necessarily require the remote interactivity features of a web-enabled simulation model. Some managers may prefer to operate with an Excel-type, desktop installed model. We work with a number of organizations who manage a large number of internal, Excel-based analytical tools that feed into well-developed business planning processes.

The powerful VBA macro language built into Excel has enabled us to build some very advanced, professional interactive process simulation models over the years. Here’s one client example of a model’s home page:


Line of Business Process


This client’s process involved a channel-specific marketing planning system. Each of the blocks in the diagram were live links to a section of inputs for that item. The users would generally make these decisions in sequential order, and return to the home screen after each step.

Here’s an example of one of the detailed decision points contained in a drill-down within a section:



Excel macro model


The strategy input sections were followed with a series of dashboard metrics and charts showing system performance and operational requirements required for the plan.

In addition to desktop-installed models and web-enabled models, we can implement a hybrid process that may involve data collection from the field, using web based data collection forms. That data can then be downloaded into an existing automated desktop Excel model or database application. We can accommodate a variety of line-of-business processes in that way.