Management Simulation Gaming


Those of us in the business of web application development typically end up gravitating to some form of niche specialty for our most rewarding and profitable applications. For example, some developers may find a particular vertical market to be their forte, e.g.: dental practices, auto dealerships,, colleges, etc.

In my case, I migrated into the web development business after a career in the corporate private sector in analytical disciplines that called for development of strategic simulation models. In some cases, our objective was to provide management with a tool to find optimal solutions to complex, multi-dimensional decisions. In other cases, we were seeking a training tool that facilitated training of a multi-discipline team.

Business Simulation Models and the Google Apps APIs

Chapter 2-Wordpress and Google Apps APIs Came to My Rescue
This is the second article in a series about my learning curve in building an online business simulation model in Wordpress. The setup was a new assignment in 2013 to bail out a distressed project for the Department of Defense (Air Force specifically). I got the project through a consultancy attached to The University of Tennessee in Knoxville.