Decision Support Systems Interactive, LLC

Building Enterprise-Grade WordPress Web Applications that…

  • Integrate and automate a comprehensive digital marketing system (website, social media, email marketing, CRM system…)
  • Provide interactive capabilities for employees, customers, suppliers and others to manage internal business protocols.
  • Integrate organizational spreadsheets, databases and day-to-day processes into the web platform


A Full Range of Services


    • Expertly crafted Wordpress websites

    • Digital marketing platforms

    • Client training in content management

    • Ongoing website maintenance & security monitoring

    • Professional writing and content creation

    • Decision support simulation models (macro-automated spreadsheet models)

Enterprise-Grade WordPress Websites

“Enterprise-Grade” means website functionality that goes far beyond the basics of a brochure-like public face. Your website can also become an integrated hub of external and internal communications, business workflows and data gathering. Your website can and should become a powerful, interactive part of your business and one of your most valuable assets.

Professional Content Creation

One of the strengths of the site development platform we use is that it enables simple client-created content, and we provide the necessary training to make that happen. We also provide experienced, professional content creation services. We help you craft compelling marketing and branding content : brand iconography, written content, photography and videos.

Interactive Decision Support Models

Our expertise in this specialized area comes from 35+ years of Fortune 500 corporate and DoD experience in building complex management simulation models for a variety of corporate, educational, and government organizations. Our specialty helps organizations improve management strategy and decision making, and provides effective team training tools.


For both web-based simulation tools or general website development, we use the acknowledged best-practice approach in WordPress theme development.  We utilize one of the best available “Theme Frameworks”,  and then build the client’s customized look & feel on that. This enables well-maintained and secure code in the underlying theme framework, while preserving customizations in the client’s website and/or simulation models. Read more…


We build sites and simulators in the market-leading Content Management System: WordPress. We start with that foundation, and then build out specific site functionalities. We use best available WordPress plugins; customizations in HTML, CSS and Javascript. For management simulators, we employ the industry-leading Google spreadsheet API and data graphics APIs. Read more…

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