Digital Support Systems Interactive, LLC

General Service Offerings

Professional WordPress Website Development

    • Expertly designed WordPress websites

    • Client training in web content management

    • Professional writing and content creation

    • Website integration with social media platforms


Advanced Data Analytics & Business Decision Support Tools


    • Statistical predictive modeling

    • Excel-based business simulation models

    • Macro-driven, automated spreadsheet business dashboards

    • Custom databases and reporting tools

    • Market research design & execution

Enterprise-Grade WordPress Websites

“Enterprise-Grade” means website functionality that goes far beyond the basics of a brochure-like public face. Your website can also become an integrated hub of external and internal communications, business workflows and data gathering. Your website can and should become a powerful, interactive part of your business and one of your most valuable assets.

Professional Content Creation

One of the strengths of the WordPress site development platform is that it enables simple, client-created content. I provide the necessary training to make that happen. I also provide experienced, professional content creation services. This includes compelling marketing and branding content, brand iconography, photography and videos, including drone videos.

Interactive Decision Support Models

This specialty comes from 35+ years of Fortune 500 and Dept. of Defense experience in management simulation model development. This technique helps organizations improve management strategy and decision making. It automates recurring decision processes. It can also provide effective team training tools in specialized, analytical protocols.


For both web-based simulation tools or general website development, I use the acknowledged best-practice approach in WordPress theme development.  This utilizes one of the best available “Theme Frameworks”,  and then I build the client’s customized look & feel on that. This enables well-maintained and secure code in the underlying theme framework, while preserving customizations in the client’s website.


Depending on the client needs, simulation models can be built as automated, Excel or Google Sheets spreadsheets. If appropriate, they can be integrated into the WordPress website, employing API code. Statistical predictive modeling is accomplished by use of specialized statistical software and appropriate statistical techniques. Business dashboards typically involve data visualization graphics software.

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